No Strings Attached

A Kingdom Table is a Generous, No-Strings-Attached Table!

  1. Generosity will cause us to cut the strings from your table.

  2. When we cut the strings It exposes and aligns our priorities. Our excuses are flushed out of hiding by generosity and we are forced to deal with our actual motivations. This is true both when receiving the generosity of others and being challenged to step into generosity.

  3. Then as we cut the strings we will find proper urgency.

Meet Needs.  Go Low.

If we dine like Jesus our Table will be marked by compassion and humility. Luke 14:1-11

  1. Meet Needs.  A genuinely compassionate table is a space where people have their needs met.  In order to meet people’s needs two things have to be happening: see people and be active.

  2.  Go Low. A genuinely humble table will be filled with folks that are eager to go low.  Folks who serve.  Folks who do not assume that the honor and attention should be theirs.  This sort of humility has kills self promotion and affirms the value in others.

  3. Follow the Guest of Honor. Ultimately if we are going to be these sort of compassionate and humble people we need to see the trajectory of Jesus’ life.