August 4, 2019
Sarah Proctor and Robyn Marshall Baptisms



June 23, 2019
Patricia Sung & Rachel Bortz

February 24, 2019
Michael Rosenthal, Samuel Willingham, Brian Lara, James Burke

January 6, 2019
Grant McChesney

April 8, 2018
Harold Augbon, Josh Martin, Brandon Scherling, Angela Sheng, Rachel Howard, Andrew Winker, Matthew Schunneman, Bay Rummel

April 8, 2018
Opening words with Jeremiah Morris, Harold Augbon, Andrew Winker, Josh Martin, Rachel Howard, Angela Sheng, Matthew Schunneman, Brandon Scherling, Bay Rummel

December 17, 2017
Jose Hernandez and Leo Hernandez

September 17, 2017
Kenneth Hagardon and Finn Morris

June 4, 2017
Brian Lai and Hayli Franke

May 7, 2017
Dustin Jennings, Kevin Chapa, and Shannon Stamm

April 30, 2017
Mark Womack, Sarah Elgin, and Elaine Tan

October, 30, 2016
Abby Willingham, Emma Willingham, and Don Hale

I felt as if this was going to be the end, but no, this is the beginning of a new life. And I love that. Baptism is a new beginning for me, and I can walk with Christ. I can see a better future.
— Mark Womack