casey ruff, Pastoral resident

Casey was born and raised in the great state of Wyoming. He studied at the University of Wyoming, where he attended class and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, but majored in hanging out with friends and playing golf in warm-weather states.

He is passionate about being a redeemed child of God, husband to his lovely wife (Emily) and a disciple-maker. He and Emily recently married and moved to Houston by way of California, where he spent the last four-and-a-half years on staff with College Golf Fellowship. He is thrilled to play a role on the Seven Mile Road team as he shifts his disciple-making focus from the college golf world to the city of Houston.

Casey is currently pursuing his Master’s in Ministry and Leadership from Western Seminary. He loves to learn, drink good coffee and exercise. Houston’s great food, great coffee and great people are making a quick convert of Casey into an official “Houstonian.”