House Church Calendar

One change to note from previous years is that we will be shifting our house church rest period to June-July.


House Church Definitions

General Description

Gospel-centered & Spirit-filled communities that exist to embody and declare God's redemptive story to every Houstonian. House Church is the primary avenue to journey alongside those within our family and those that have yet to enter in. Founded upon our 5 Core Values, these mission-driven groups pursue revival and redemption in their specific pockets of our city.

In light of Acts 2:42-47, House Churches aim to land at the intersection of WORD <--> PRAYER and MEAL <--> MISSION. This is an age-old model from the New Testament Church that has proven to have present-day impact.

Healthy Multiplication

If our House Churches are living into our core values (Enjoying God, Loving Neighbor, Embracing Family, Revealing Truth, and Facilitating Movement), we’re convinced these groups will exude health and experience multiplication. Health implies a growing sense of thriving for both the group’s dynamics and its leaders. Multiplication ought to be a goal every 18-24 months as future shepherds and hosts are identified, empowered, developed, and commissioned.


The way we develop our future leaders in house churches is through our Incubator training. Primarily, this is a 6-week commitment, while house churches are resting. There is also a winter retreat intensive of the Incubator training over a weekend in January. Content is driven by a biblical foundation of our core values and leadership principles that are bore out of those values.