Seven Mile Road Gospel Partnership

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Gospel Partnerhip Overview


Why Gospel Partnership?

You may be wondering why we chose the term “Gospel Partner” rather than “Member”. We believe that both terms are Biblical (see, for example, Romans 12:3-4 and 1 Corinthians 12:12 about “members”). However, we have chosen the term “partner” based on verses such as Philippians 1:5, where Paul says that he thanks God in all his remembrance of the Philippians “because of [their] partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” We want every person who calls Seven Mile Road their home to be disciples who make disciples. We also want our church family to leverage every area of their lives to partner with us for the sake of the Gospel going forth in Houston and to the ends of the earth.


Our Gospel Partnership process is intended for those who call Seven Mile Road their home and are committed to the work that God is doing through our community.  The process requires about 4 hours of coursework on your own, attending one Q&A session, and three meetings with a Partnership Mentor. While the process is self-paced, we encourage you to aim to complete it over the course of about two months. Our hope is that through this process you will have a deeper understanding of what it means for you to follow Jesus more closely as you partner with Seven Mile Road Houston.

Getting Started

The pre-requisite to becoming a Gospel Partner is regular participation in a House Church. Please talk to your House Church Shepherd about the right time for you to begin the Gospel Partnership process. 

Gospel Partnership checklist: link
Shepherd resources: link
Mentor resources: link