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Advent Giving

Soul winners

The $31,200 will cover the overhead cost for all of 2018 of every orphan under the care of this incredible organization. Currently, there are 64 orphans under their care and this donation will allow for their 3 orphanages to fix more attention on meeting more of the needs of these children

Website: https://www.swindia.us/

Child protective services

Harris County's CPS system has anywhere from 2500-5000 kids in their system at any given point. After meeting several times with their staff and even judges who work closely with cases for these kids, they've helped us pinpoint some of the biggest needs. The $45,000 will go towards providing every child in need with a bed, a duffel bag, and a stuffed animal. The reasoning behind these 3 specific items is that many foster children find they¹re delayed in reaching the foster home because the family is unable to provide them with their own bed, which is a requirement by the state. Also, these kids put all their possessions in a large trash bag and carry them around from place to place. We've decided to remove that marker of shame for the kids and provide them with new duffel bags. Finally, many of these kids have little to nothing to claim as their own. The stuffed animal we provide may  be the only item they own aside from the clothes their backs.

Website: https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/child_protection/

7MR Foster & adoption fund

Finally, our church's foster and adoption fund is designated to remove the financial barrier for any family that hopes to care for the orphan. The $30,000 is the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing mission of our church family, to support and help carry the burden of loving the foster children and adoptive orphans of our city For more information, contact Jeremiah Morris.